Substance Use

US Drug Overdose Deaths 2019-2020: 5 Findings on Striking Health Disparities
July 21, 2022

Drug overdose deaths increased approximately 30% between 2019 and 2020, likely driven by fentanyl and COVID-19 pandemic, according to new CDC report.

FDA Orders Juul Labs to Remove all Products from US Market, Denies Marketing Authorization
June 23, 2022

The FDA today denied Juul Labs' premarket tobacco product applications and ordered all products removed from shelves nationwide, ending a 2-year review.

Detox, Withdrawal, Rehab, Relapse: The Experience of Heavy Drinkers
May 02, 2022

Approximately one-third of survey respondents with AUD relapsed within 1 year of stopping. Find a profile here of the experience of recovery from those who are trying.

Study: State Laws Intended to Reduce Opioid Prescribing had Little Impact on Prescribing Practices
April 27, 2022

Study addresses the concern that state opioid prescription laws may lead to some chronic pain patients missing out on critical pain treatment.

Heavy Drinkers Report Impact of Alcohol Use: The Recovery Village Survey Highlights
April 26, 2022

More than one-third of survey respondents began drinking before age 15; the heaviest drinkers had double the risk for cirrhosis, CVD, pancreatitis, and neuropathy.

FDA Considers "Return Envelope" Strategy to Improve Safe Opioid Disposal
April 22, 2022

A nondescript, postage-paid envelope accompanying an opioid prescription, and patient education on discarding unused tablets are proposed.

Smoking Cessation as Effective as 3 Meds in Secondary CVD Prevention: 5 Event-free Years
April 13, 2022

Persons with ASCVD who quit smoking could gain 5 more years of life--similar to the outcome of intensive medical treatment while continuing to smoke.

Medication for Opioid Use Disorder Not Prescribed for Majority of Americans in Need
March 29, 2022

A new study of more than 2 million US adults and adolescents who could benefit from medication for OUD reveals only 1 in 4 reported past-year use.

Tobacco Product Use among US Adults: Update on Latest CDC Data
March 23, 2022

US adults smoked less cigarettes in 2020 than in 2019, but a diverse landscape of tobacco product use persists, according to latest findings released by the CDC.

CDC: US Adult Tobacco Product Use is Down, but More Work is Needed
March 18, 2022

In 2020, 19% of US adults used at least 1 tobacco product, a decline from 20.8% in 2019, according to new data released by the CDC.