Sex, Income, and Obesity Among Factors Related to Discussions of Wearable Devices in Primary Care Settings
July 01, 2022

Characteristics associated with discussions of wearable devices during primary care visits include female sex, higher income, and obesity, showed new study.

Patient Education via Social Media: Why One Young Clinician Advises, "Make Consistency Fun"
June 16, 2022

Getting patients to engage with educational social media postings can be tricky for clinicians. Here, a young clinician shares how consistent yet fun content can help.

DiabetesWise Pro: Side-by-side, Feature-by-feature CGM Comparison, Plus More
June 16, 2022

DiabetesWise Pro founder highlights the 3 most beneficial website features to help clinicians compare all the available CGMs, delivery systems, AIDs, and smart pens.

Novel FDA-cleared AFib History Software and Medication App Part of Newly Announced Apple Watch Update
June 13, 2022

Apple recently announced a new software release that will allow Apple Watch users access to health care-focused features and apps.

Flash CGM Increases Time in Range for T2D Patients on Noninsulin Therapies Not at Goal HbA1c
June 10, 2022

ADA 2022: Use of flash continuous glucose monitoring in T2D patients not on insulin also reduced HbA1c and glycemic variability, a new study finds.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Linked to Better Glycemic Control, Reduced Hospitalizations in Study of Veterans Health Administration Data
June 08, 2022

ADA 2022: Large national study found that CGM use had a positive effect on glycemic control and acute complications in T2D in the Veterans Health Administration.

Glycemic Variability with Tirzepatide Significantly Lower vs Degludec as Assessed by CGM
June 08, 2022

ADA 2022. Tirzepatide was associated with significantly greater TIR, many fewer episodes of hypoglycemia, and less glycemic excursion vs insulin degludec in SURPASS-3 CGM.

Poorly Controlled T2D Improves with Initiation of rtCGM in Primary Care
June 08, 2022

ADA 2022: Primary care patients with T2D and HbA1c >7.5% achieved as much as a 1.5% drop in HbA1c after initiating real time continuous glucose monitoring.

Study: AI-powered Intervention Led to Highest Reported Rate of T2D Remission to Date
June 07, 2022

ADA 2022: Patients with T2D who received a treatment intervention powered by artificial intelligence achieved a remission rate of more than 80%.

A Guide to Prescribing the Right Diabetes Device for your Patients, with DiabetesWise Pro Developer Korey Hood, PhD
June 03, 2022

DiabetesWise Pro lets clinicians compare diabetes devices for a specific patient and provides the steps for ordering the device based on insurance type.