ACC.21: High- and Low-Dose Aspirin Both Effective for Patients with Established Cardiovascular Disease
May 21, 2021

ACC.21: There was no difference found between high- and low-dose aspirin in terms of effectiveness and safety in patients with established CVD, according to new research.

ACC.21: Survival After MI Far Worse for Black Patients from Disadvantaged Neighborhoods
May 14, 2021

ACC.21: Black patients from disadvantaged neighborhoods were found almost 20% more likely to die within 5 years of MI than white patients from well-resourced ones in a new study.

ACC.21: Prediabetes Significantly Increases Risk for MACE, According to New Findings
May 13, 2021

ACC.21: Findings from a study released in advance of the ACC annual meeting suggest that prediabetes confers nearly twice the risk of major cardiovascular events vs normoglycemia.