SuperWIN Retail Nutrition Counseling Study Coauthor Unpacks Findings that Surprised Him
April 25, 2022

Dylan Steen, MD talks about several SuperWIN results that caught him happily by surprise and suggest plenty of room for follow-up research.

Expanding Reach Beyond Clinic Walls is Essential to the Future of Health Care, says Investigator
April 15, 2022

SuperWIN trial findings suggest the future of successful health care depends on harnessing familiar, community- based resources to maintain health and deliver care.

SuperWIN Trial of Retail-based Dietary Interventions Wins on Many Levels: Dylan Steen, MD, Explains
April 14, 2022

Coprincipal investigator Steen highlights the first-of-its kind study and the findings—local in-store dietitian counseling/feedback, nutrition education, and online shopping savvy improve food choices, health metrics.

Antihypertensive Treatment during Pregnancy Linked to Better Outcomes, According to New NIH Study
April 08, 2022

ACC 2022: Use of antihypertensive therapy in pregnant women was associated with better pregnancy outcomes, such as preeclampsia and fetal or neonatal death.

Sotagliflozin Reduced MACE Risk in Patients With and Without Prior CVD, in New Analysis of SCORED Clinical Trial
April 05, 2022

ACC 2022: Updated findings further highlight benefit of sotagliflozin treatment in patients with T2D and CKD, regardless of cardiovascular disease presence.

Reduced Dietary Sodium in Heart Failure Patients Had Little Impact on Clinical Events: SODIUM-HF
April 02, 2022

ACC 2022. SODIUM-HF secondary findings, however, showed improvement in NYHA HF class and in QOL in the dietary intervention group.

New Study Found High Prevalence of Undiagnosed Cognitive Impairment After Myocardial Infarction
April 01, 2022

ACC 2022. Findings suggest that more attention to monitoring cognitive functioning after a myocardial infarction is needed.

Popular Hypertension-related Videos on TikTok Often Not Backed by Medical Literature, Found New Study
April 01, 2022

ACC 2022. Study assessed hypertension-related TikTok videos and found that 42% addressed alternative medicine, more than twice the number that focused on medical treatments.

Racial Minorities Less Likely to Receive CPR Regardless of Location, Community Makeup
April 01, 2022

ACC 2022. Black and Hispanic persons were 41% less likely than white individuals to receive CPR after cardiac arrest in public and 26% less likely when the event occurred in their home.

Coffee and Cardiovascular Health: Is There a Benefit?
March 31, 2022

ACC 2022. Can a couple of cups of coffee per day keep cardiovascular disease at bay? Findings from 3 new studies shed light.