Video: Toward Safe Use of Opioids
June 04, 2011

Once you've decided that an opioid analgesic is indicated, what can you do to ensure that your patient uses the medication safely?

Video: When Ovine Computation Fails to Induce Sleep
May 31, 2011

When counting sheep fails as first line therapy, what measures can you recommend to help your patient get some sleep?

Video: Adolescent Immunizations: Are You (And Your Patient) Up to Date?
May 17, 2011

Dr Margaret Fisher- who helped write the (Red) book on immunizations for youngsters- succinctly summarizes the latest guidelines here.

Video: What’s the Role of PSA Testing Now?
May 10, 2011

Marc B. Garnic, MD, addresses these questions in this short video. Dr Garnic, who spoke on this topic at the 2011 American College of Physicians meeting in San Diego

Video: Rx for Depressed Patients-What Factors to Consider?
May 03, 2011

Psychiatrist Sidney Zisook, MD-a guest speaker at the recent American College of Physicians meeting in San Diego

Preparing for the “Tsunami of Older Adults”
April 28, 2010

Two of the numerous geriatrics offerings at this year’s ACP convention were part of a series entitled “Modifying Your Office Practice for the Tsunami of Older Adults.” This eminently apropos title was actually something of a theme for the convention as a whole. This year, only 3 clinical categories boasted more offerings than geriatrics. Clearly, primary care physicians are beginning to feel the impact of the baby boomers’ coming of age.

Vitamin D Deficiency: Hypothesis or Hype?
April 27, 2010

Michael F. Holick, MD, PhD, the Boston University professor of medicine and well-known “apostle of vitamin D,” attracted a standing-room-only crowd Friday for a presentation on his favorite topic. It was a performance that had the audience at rapt attention for a full hour-not just because of the celebrity of the speaker, but because of the extraordinarily clever and engaging nature of his presentation.

What Physicians Can Do to Reduce Inequity in Global Health
April 24, 2010

Early in his keynote address, James Orbinski, MD, Senior Fellow at the University of Toronto and one of the world’s leading scholars and scientists in global health, complimented the United States on the recent passage of its health care bill, a “seminal achievement” that he said brought the US “just a hair’s breadth away” from achieving universal health care.

Gut Flora: Their Role in Health and Disease
April 23, 2010

Probiotics and prebiotics are now widely used by patients – and even present in many common foods.

What's in Store at Internal Medicine 2010
April 21, 2010

How will your practice manage the coming “tsunami” of older patients as the baby boomers enter their golden years?