At ADA 2021, John Buse, MD, PhD, says US Must Focus on Control of Obesity, Other T2D Risk Factors
June 30, 2021

Diabetes investigator John Buse, MD, PhD, says laser focus on reducing T2D risk factors is equally as important as using the next right drug against the disease.

Inside GRADE: Exec Committee Member John Buse, MD, PhD, Toplines Study Results, Calls for More Head-to-Head Research
June 30, 2021

Dr Buse’s in-depth review of the GRADE study is followed by a discussion of the keen need for more comparative research and the many new questions the results have raised about optimal T2D therapy.

ADA 2021: Baseline Insulin Use May not Impact Benefits of Finerenone in Patients with CKD, T2D
June 29, 2021

ADA 2021. A subgroup analysis of the FIDELIO-DKD trial showed that finerenone use was beneficial regardless of baseline insulin use among patients with T2D and CKD.