American Heart Association

Oral PCSK9 Inhibitor Significantly Reduced High Levels of Cholesterol in Phase 1 Trials
November 18, 2021

AHA 2021: New research showed MK-0616, an investigative oral PCSK9 inhibitor, was associated with a near 65% decrease in LDL-C.

First Sign of CVD in Smokers May be a Fatal MI or Stroke, New Study Finds
November 17, 2021

Smoking was associated with earlier onset of cardiovascular disease, by 5.1 years for men and 3.8 years for women, the new study found.

Canagliflozin Improved HF Symptoms, QOL Regardless of Diabetes Status in Fully Remote Clinical Trial
November 16, 2021

AHA 2021. Heart failure patients, across ejection fraction and diabetes status, reported improved QOL as early as 3 months in CHIEF-HF trial.

Remote Program Improves Blood Pressure and Cholesterol in High-risk Patients
November 16, 2021

AHA 2021: Study suggests remote hypertension and hyperlipidemia management programs may expand telehealth delivery, increase access to care, and reduce health inequities.

Gregory Marcus, MD, MAS, Reviews the Coffee and Real-time Atrial & Ventricular Ectopy (CRAVE) Trial
November 15, 2021

AHA 2021: Marcus, lead author of CRAVE, says it found little effect of caffeine on atrial arrhythmias, a significant effect on PVCs, a negative effect on sleep, and a boosting effect on physical activity.

AHA 2021: Novel Fitbit Algorithm Correctly Detected Undiagnosed Atrial Fibrillation
November 15, 2021

AHA 2021: Novel software algorithm used in Fitbit wearable devices accurately detected undiagnosed atrial fibrillation about 98% of the time, showed results of the Fitbit Heart Study.

Coffee Had Negligible Effect on Atrial Arrhythmias but Was Linked to PVCs, Study Finds
November 15, 2021

AHA 2021. Coffee increased PVCs by 54% in regular coffee drinkers and decreased sleep by more than 30 minutes; it also significantly increased daily step count and slightly improved SVT.

Population for Digital Heart Failure Coaching App May Need Rethinking
November 12, 2021

AHA Scientific Sessions 2021: New research provides a note of caution for the use of digital heart failure coaching apps in severely ill and elderly patients with unstable heart failure.

Study Highlights Factors that Influence Patient Engagement with Remote CVD Risk Reduction Intervention
November 12, 2021

AHA Scientific Sessions 2021: Employment status and higher caregiver burden were linked to increased engagement with a videoconferencing-based intervention to reduce the risk of CVD.

EHR-integrated Remote Monitoring of Hypertension: A Pilot Study in Primary Care
November 12, 2021

EHR-integrated remote BP monitoring was evaluated in a primary care Medicare population to assess uptake and initial effects on hypertension management.