ATS 2021: Tezepelumab Reduces Exacerbations in Oral Corticosteroid-dependent Patients with Severe Asthma
May 13, 2021

ATS 2021: In a subgroup of oral corticosteroid-dependent patients with severe asthma from the newly released NAVIGATOR study, tezepelumab reduced exacerbations and improved lung function.

ATS.2021: Study Finds Odds of Uncontrolled Asthma Increase with Higher Pandemic-related Stress
May 13, 2021

ATS.2021: Odds of uncontrolled asthma in response to pandemic-related stress increased in a significant dose-response manner among adult respondents to a new survey.

ATS.2021: At-risk Asthma Phenotypes Defined Using 4 Simple Metrics
May 12, 2021

ATS.2021. Study authors categorized asthma patients using age at onset, T2 biomarkers, and IL-6 levels, creating 12 phenotypes for additional study.

ATS 2021: Severe COPD Exacerbations May be Associated with Increased Mortality Risk
May 12, 2021

ATS 2021: The risk of morbidity and death in patients with COPD increases among those with moderate exacerbation, and even more so for severe exacerbation, new research suggests.

ATS 2021: Researchers Project Burden of COPD Will be Worse in 2050, Especially in US
May 11, 2021

In an abstract being presenting at the upcoming ATS 2021 International Conference, researchers estimate that by 2050 the US will lead the Americas in prevalence of COPD.

ATS 2021: Triple Combination Therapy May Benefit “Wide Spectrum” of Patients with COPD
May 11, 2021

American Thoracic Society 2021 International Conference: In a subset of patients from the ETHOS study, triple combination therapy was found beneficial for those with moderate COPD.

Can Telehealth Bridge Disparities in Access to Pulmonary Rehab?
May 24, 2019

DALLAS--In a session at the American Thoracic Society meeting this week study authors reported on gaps in post-discharge care for COPD and on tele-rehabilitation as possible bridge. 

From ATS 2019: Update on Factors that May Help Predict ILD Outcomes
May 23, 2019

DALLAS-Studies on 3 factors that may help guide intervention for patients with ILD were presented: factors during mechanical ventilation, WBC count, and weight loss.

ATS Highlights Advances in the Prediction of COPD Outcomes
May 23, 2019

DALLAS--Results of 3 studies presented at the American Thoracic Society meeting this week focus on the predictive role of disease exacerbations, machine learning, and Hgb levels in COPD. 

E-Cigarettes: The New Addiction and Why Physicians Must be Concerned
May 22, 2019

DALLAS-At the American Thoracic Society meeting thought leaders cited disturbing trends in e-cigarette use by teens and warned of health dangers, known and unknown.