NAVIGATOR: Tezepelumab Reduces Asthma Exacerbations by More than Half
May 20, 2022

In our latest podcast episode, Njira Lugogo, MD, discusses NAVIGATOR data she presented at ATS 2022 that showed clinical responses to treatment with tezepelumab.

Review of Biologic Treatments for Asthma Finds Inconsistent Effects on Airway Hyperresponsiveness
May 19, 2022

ATS 2022: Findings from a literature review provide insight into the mechanisms of airway hyperresponsiveness in asthma.

Tezepelumab Reduces Asthma Exacerbations by More than Half, Reports NAVIGATOR Study Author
May 19, 2022

Njira Lugogo, MD, sat down with Patient Care Online to discuss findings from the prespecified exploratory analysis of the NAVIGATOR study that she presented at ATS 2022.

Real-world Data Showed Mepolizumab Reduced Exacerbations, Oral Corticosteroid Use in Adults with Severe Asthma
May 18, 2022

ATS 2022: Mepolizumab was effective in reducing asthma exacerbations and oral corticosteroid use in real-world clinical practice, according to new research.

Novel PDE4B Inhibitor Slows Lung Function Decline in IPF: Phase 2 Data from Boehringer Ingelheim
May 17, 2022

ATS 2022: The investigational PDE4B inhibitor slowed pulmonary decline in patients with IPF, both alone and with background use of approved antifibrotics.

NAVIGATOR Data Presented at ATS 2022 Show Improved Clinical Responses to Treatment with Tezepelumab vs Placebo
May 16, 2022

ATS 2022. A greater proportion of tezepelumab-treated patients with severe, uncontrolled asthma achieved on-treatment clinical responses than placebo-treated patients.

Novel Fixed-dose Albuterol-Budesonide Inhaler Significantly Reduced Exacerbation Risk in Severe Asthma
May 16, 2022

ATS 2022: A fixed dose SABA/corticosteroid combination reduced risk of exacerbation by 27% vs SABA alone in the MANDALA study.

Objective Confirmation of Asthma Diagnosis Often Missing in Primary Care, Study Suggests
May 14, 2022

ATS 2022: Charts from an EHR that included a suspected diagnosis of asthma either had no objective documentation or mentioned a test but included no results.

ATS 2021: Tezepelumab Reduces Exacerbations in Oral Corticosteroid-dependent Patients with Severe Asthma
May 13, 2021

ATS 2021: In a subgroup of oral corticosteroid-dependent patients with severe asthma from the newly released NAVIGATOR study, tezepelumab reduced exacerbations and improved lung function.

ATS.2021: Study Finds Odds of Uncontrolled Asthma Increase with Higher Pandemic-related Stress
May 13, 2021

ATS.2021: Odds of uncontrolled asthma in response to pandemic-related stress increased in a significant dose-response manner among adult respondents to a new survey.