Obesity Medicine Association

Early Intervention in Weight Management: Treating Pre-Obesity
April 29, 2021

Research shows that increased risk of chronic disease and mortality begins below a BMI classified as obesity. The earlier we intervene with at-risk patients, the greater the chance for success.

A Weight-centric Approach to Obesity with T2D: How Pharmacotherapy Works
April 23, 2021

For frontline clinicians who care daily for patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes, a weight-centric approach to T2D, including antiobesity drugs, could help improve outcomes.

These Two Words Could Change Obesity Treatment, says Harold Bays, MD
April 23, 2021

Long time cardiometabolic investigator Harold Bays, MD, talks about obesity, new drugs to treat the disease, and how the words "be inefficient" could change thinking about treatment.