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Tirzepatide Led to Clinically Meaningful Improvements in Body Composition in Adults with Obesity/Overweight
November 01, 2022

ObesityWeek 2022: Tirzepatide-induced weight reduction was associated with body composition improvements in adults with obesity/overweight, found analysis of SURMOUNT-1.

Prioritizing Mental Health: Applying Person-First Approaches to Care
October 26, 2021

When addressing mental health with patients with obesity, a thoughtful approach that balances psychological health and weight loss is critical, explains Dr Ethan Lazarus.

Early Intervention in Weight Management: Treating Pre-Obesity
April 29, 2021

Research shows that increased risk of chronic disease and mortality begins below a BMI classified as obesity. The earlier we intervene with at-risk patients, the greater the chance for success.

A Weight-centric Approach to Obesity with T2D: How Pharmacotherapy Works
April 23, 2021

For frontline clinicians who care daily for patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes, a weight-centric approach to T2D, including antiobesity drugs, could help improve outcomes.

These Two Words Could Change Obesity Treatment, says Harold Bays, MD
April 23, 2021

Long time cardiometabolic investigator Harold Bays, MD, talks about obesity, new drugs to treat the disease, and how the words "be inefficient" could change thinking about treatment.

Starting a Dialogue about Obesity in Primary Care: Respect is Key
April 22, 2021

Primary care physicians face unique challenges when managing patients with obesity, but one obesity specialist aims to show clinicians how to meet them, even if it's in small ways.

Obesity Expert Discusses an Unexpected Metabolic Response to Weight Loss
April 22, 2021

Citing a study of "The Biggest Loser" participants, obesity expert Dr Silvana Pannain explains why "Eat less, exercise more," often backfires as a sole intervention for persons with obesity.

Keith C. Ferdinand, MD: COVID-19, Obesity, and the African American Community
April 19, 2021

Keith C Ferdinand, MD, discusses how deeply-rooted social determinants of health have led to the vastly disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on persons of color.