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A COVID-19 “Misinfodemic”: 7 Questions on American Misperceptions
October 23, 2020

A recent survey assessed American’s acceptance of 11 false COVID-19 claims circulating online. What were the results? Take our 7-question quiz to find out.

COVID-19 vs Influenza: A 7-question Quiz on Similarities and Differences
October 07, 2020

There are several key similarities and differences between COVID-19 and flu. Are you caught up on what they are? Take this 7-question quiz to find out.

Rare Disease Update for Primary Care: An 8-question Quiz
October 05, 2020

Sample: What percent of patients with rare diseases reported that the COVID-19 pandemic has had negative effects on their immediate and long-term health and well-being?

US Teen Substance Use: A True/False Quiz
September 18, 2020

Find out how much you know about substance use among US high school students with our 9-question true/false quiz based on the 2019 CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey results.

The Short History of COVID-19: 8 Questions
September 11, 2020

Refresh your memory of the short yet crowded history of the COVID-19 pandemic with our 8-question quiz.

Behçet Treatment in Primary Care: A Quiz
September 02, 2020

Behçet disease treatment often involves a combination of medicines for multiple symptoms. Answer these 8 questions to find out what you know about best practices.

Considering Aspirin: 8 Questions on Primary CVD Prevention
September 02, 2020

The role of aspirin in primary prevention of CV disease changed for good with results from 3 pivotal trials. Do you recall results and recommendations? Find out.

SGLT2 Inhibitors and Cardiovascular Outcomes Trials: 4 Questions
September 02, 2020

Refresh your memory on findings from the EMPA-REG OUTCOME, CANVAS, CREDENCE, and DECLARE-TIMI cardiovascular outcomes trials on SGLT2 inhibitors.

3 Flu Vaccine Conundrums: Who Needs a Shot and When?
August 26, 2020

Who needs a flu shot and when is not always straightforward. This year it's more important than ever to know what the CDC recommends. Start with 3 short scenarios.

5 Questions on CDC Guidance for Catch-up Vaccination during COVID-19
August 21, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic makes timely catch-up vaccination against all vaccine-preventable diseases essential. Try these 5 questions on CDC recommendations.