10 Questions on Holiday Spirits

Grace Halsey

Alcohol.org, a subsidiary of American Addiction Centers, Inc, reports interesting findings on the holiday drinking patterns of US adults. Are answers to these 10 questions what you expect?

Family, friends, food, and drink--the essential ingredients for holiday celebrations in all seasons. Each category promises fun but can also produce problems, especially drinking.

Patient Care Online reviewed surveys on adult alcohol use during the holidays hosted on Alcohol.org, a subsidiary of American Addiction Centers, Inc. The 10 questions that follow are based on results of an Alcohol.org survey of more than 1000 Americans, reported in an article looking at the influence of holidays on alcohol consumption.

Find out what you know about who drinks and how much of what on which holiday and about the relative imbibing patterns of the sexes. There could be some patient insight for you here. (Note: the theme is Christmas but the holidays span the year.)