3 Diabetes Case Challenges: Choose the Next Best Rx


These 3 case studies illustrate the challenges of intensifying treatment in complex T2D patients--and also the options available to individualize that next step.

There is significant flexibility now available when it comes to intensifying pharmacologic treatment for patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D). There is also a growing opportunity to individualize T2D treatment, both when changes to a regimen are needed and at initiation of medical therapy.The following 3 patient case studies illustrate a number of the common comorbidities and complications associated with T2D that make effective management like working on a jigsaw puzzle. With recent FDA label expansions for several classes of T2D drugs, however, it is getting easier to find a perfect fit.Based on your knowledge of the drugs and the science, what is the best next Rx for each of these patients - and why?

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