AHA Statement on Obesity and CVD: 10 Key Points, to Start

The links between obesity and cardiovascular disease are many, including direct cause and effect. Click through the 10-slide summary of a new AHA statement for a first look.

"... the trends in obesity prevalence in the United States and around the world highlight the significant impact that obesity will continue to have on CVD incidence and prevalence globally."

The American Heart Association's recent publication, "Obesity and cardiovascular disease: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association" reflects the already large and now rapidly growing body of evidence that ever-more precisely links obesity with cardiovascular (CV) risk factors as well as with CV disease (CVD) and mortality independently of other CV risk factors.

The new statement focuses on the impact of obesity on the pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment, and clinical outcomes of ASCVD, heart failure (HF), and arrhythmias and begins with a review of recent data linking abdominal obesity and visceral adiposity to CVD risk.

As a preview, we summarized in a slide show the statement's 10 key points as highlighted by the American College of Cardiology.