Basal Cell Carcinoma on Lip of an 86-Year-Old Woman

The translucent papule on the upper lip has a few small blood vessels that traverse its surface. These are morphologic features of basal cell carcinoma, a presumptive diagnosis that was confirmed by biopsy.

An 86-year-old woman was concerned about a slowly growing lip lesion that first appeared about 14 months before presentation.

Key points: The almost translucent papule present on the upper lip also demonstrates a few small blood vessels traversing its surface. These are all morphologic features of basal cell carcinoma. A biopsy confirmed this presumptive diagnosis.

Treatment: The lesion was removed via a wedge resection of the upper lip with intraoperative pathologic control to ensure disease-free margins.

Note: Basal cell carcinoma can occur on mucosal surfaces, such as lips and eyelids, that are in close proximity to the typical sun-exposed cutaneous surfaces.

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