Best Practices in the Utilization of Preventative Testing and Screening to Optimize Men’s Health

Experts in the management of men’s health provide their input on the best practices in preventative testing and screening measures to optimize the health of male patients.

Overview of Preventative Practices for Optimal Men’s Health

Judd Moul, MD and Simon Murray, MD discuss their approaches and experiences with testing and screening measures for optimizing health in their male patient, highlighting common barriers to access and practice related challenges.

Expert Recommendations on Clinical Approaches to Prostate Cancer Screening

Judd Moul, MD and Thomas Polascik, MD provide their insight into the best practices for screening related to urological disorders and cancers.

Real World Applications and the Impact of Value-Based Care in Men’s Health Screening

Judd Moul, MD and Christine Salter, MD review their experiences and real-world use cases of screening modalities and highlight the impact of value-based care in their male patient populations.

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