Bloodless and Painless Wart Removal


Vascular warts can be messy to remove. Luckily, and old-fashioned trick can make wart removal easier.

Warts are quite vascular. This makes them difficult to remove since the area rapidly becomes covered with blood. Removal of a wart on the finger presents a particular problem, since lidocaine with epinephrine should not be used.

A simple way to provide a bloodless field is to use a rubber band as a tourniquet, applying it proximal to the wart. Cut the rubber band off afterwards. Be sure not to leave it on too long, and remove it before the patient leaves, to make sure the bleeding has stopped.

When the patient is a youngster, apply the rubber band about five minutes before injecting anesthetic (without a vasoconstrictor) or performing cautery. This will render the injection or cauterization relatively painless; in most young patients, ischemic damage is not a concern.


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