Climate Change Is a Health Hazard: 8 Examples

Increases in diabetes, insomnia, and skin cancer are just 3 of the hazardous trends identified in recent research. More findings in our slide show.

Increases in diabetes, insomnia, and skin cancer -- all potential effects, direct or indirect, of shifts in the atmospheric environment.Effects of climate change such as heat waves, rising sea levels, droughts, and more intense storms are potentially harmful to human health, says the CDC. Among those at greatest risk are children, older adults, and persons with chronic health conditions.Some of the health threats of global warming have been reported recently in the scientific news. Click on the slides above for the latest findings. Links to original sources are below.Sources1. Diabetes Incidence Rises With Temperature2. Hot Times Ahead3. A Sea Change4. Mosquitoes on the Move5. Losing Sleep Over Global Warming6. Blowing in the Wind7. Food for Thought8. Skin in the Game 

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