DAPA-CKD Investigator: "PCPs Should be First-line Prescribers of SGLT2 Inhibitors"

Primary care clinicians should be the first to prescribe SGLT2 inhibitors for many reasons, as explained by Prof Jonathan McMurray in this Patient Care interview.

SGLT2 inhibitors in a series of landmark trials have shown significant benefits in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction and in patients with chronic kidney disease - regardless of the presence of diabetes in either population. So, which specialty should be considered "primary" for prescribing the drugs: Cardiologists? Endocrinologists? Nephrologists? Primary care?

University of Glasgow cardiologist and lead investigator of the DAPA-CKD study of dapagliflozin is clear on the answer. He makes a "special plea for primary care physicians" as first-line prescribers. He explains his thinking in this short interview.