Erenumab: First-in-Class Approved for Migraine Prevention

Take a closer look at how erenumab, the first CGRP inhibitor to win FDA-approval for migraine prevention, earned that spot.

References:1. FDA. FDA approves novel preventive treatment for migraine. May 2018. Accessed May 31 2018 at: 2. 2. Dodick DW, Ashina M, Brandes JL, et al. ARISE: A Phase 3 randomized trial of erenumab for episodic migraine. Cephalalgia. 2018;38:1026-1037. 3. 3. Lipton RB, Brennan A, Palmer S, et al. Estimating the clinical effectiveness and value-based price range of erenumab for the prevention of migraine in patients with prior treatment failures: a US societal perspective. J Med Econ. 2018;3:1-10  

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