The Exercise Prescription: What Should the Patient Do? And How Much is Enough?

C. Andrew Schroeder, MD

Patients know that regular exercise is important but often need guidance on what's best. A pulmonologist advises on how to asses individual needs, utilize guidelines, and create a plan.

People who regularly exercise feel better, function at higher levels, and reduce their risk of chronic disease. During conversations with my patients, they want to know what type of exercise and how much they need to do per week to make health gains. Often physicians do not know how to answer these questions. And while exercise guidelines aim to improve and maintain health, there are numerous national and international guidelines which can lead to confusion.In this short slide show, I offer recommendations for building individual cardiovascular exercise routines that are based on assimilation of the various guidelines while keeping the same fundamental principle in mind: There is a dose-response relationship between physical activity and health.