Fatalities High Among Intubated Patients with COVID-19

Study: Nearly 90% of inpatients with COVID-19 on mechanical ventilation died; obesity, diabetes, hypertension common among the 5700 patients.

Nearly 90% of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 who required mechanical ventilation (MV) died, with fatalities reaching nearly 100% among those aged >65 years. In stark contrast, just one-quarter (26%) of those aged >65 years who did not require MV died.The findings come from the first large case series of sequentially hospitalized patients with confirmed COVID-19 in the US. Among the 5700 cases reviewed, older persons, men, and those with obesity, hypertension, and diabetes were highly prevalent, a pattern similar to data that have been reported in China, according to the study authors.  The report was published online April 22, 2020, in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Results are summarized in the slides below.