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Friday's 5 Quotes for Primary Care 4-14-2023


Each of the quotes that follow is taken from a study reviewed on Patient Care® during the past week and was chosen for the research team’s passion about the clinical implications of their findings and for their potential impact on primary care practice.

©meena_ma/Adobe Stock
©meena_ma/Adobe Stock

“Although the timing of the 2022-2023 season suggests that seasonal patterns are returning toward those observed in pre-pandemic years, clinicians should be aware that off-season RSV circulation might continue. With several RSV prevention products in development, ongoing monitoring...can guide the timing of immunoprophylaxis and of clinical trials and postlicensure effectiveness studies.

Sodium Intake Linked to Risk of Both Carotid and Coronary Atherosclerosis
©gatherina/Adobe Stock

The study is the first to examine a potential link between high dietary sodium intake and atherosclerosis in coronary as well as carotid arteries. “The association was linear, meaning that each rise in salt intake was linked with more atherosclerosis. The findings applied even at normal blood pressure levels, suggesting that salt could be damaging even before the development of hypertension.”

©hywards/Adobe stock Comparative Efficacy, Safety of Analgesics to Treat Acute Low Back Pain Questioned
©hywards/Adobe stock

“In this study, clopidogrel monotherapy was associated with a lower rate of the primary composite end point compared to aspirin monotherapy as long-term maintenance therapy after DAPT for coronary stenting in both patients with and without diabetes. Although not significant due to insufficient statistical power in each group, the association of clopidogrel with reduced risk compared with aspirin was consistent for both thrombotic and bleeding outcomes in both the diabetes and no diabetes groups.”

Moderate Exercise Does Not Increase Muscle Injury Markers in Statin Users who Are Symptomatic, Asymptomatic
©Kateryna_Kon/Adobe Stock

“By applying the metabolic dysfunction criteria in a real-life cohort of patients cured of crhonic hepatitis C (CHC) with advanced fibrosis, we found that metabolic dysfunction is more prevalent than ultrasonographic steatosis and identifies more accurately individuals with advanced liver disease at risk of developing de novo hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Metabolic dysfunction appears more useful than US to stratify the risk of HCC in patients cured of CHC with advanced fibrosis.”

©thanawong/Adobe Stock
©thanawong/Adobe Stock

“We found differeces in several of the brain’s networks associated with early life adversity, mental health quality, and the way sensory stimulation is experienced. The resulting brain signatures, based on multimodal MRI imaging, may help us more precisely tailor obesity interventions based on an individual’s sex,” said senior author Arpana Gupta, PhD, associate professor-in-residence, medicine, UCLA, in a university press release.

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