Impact of Parental Migraine on Adolescents

Whether they are chronic or episodic, a landmark study finds the net effect of parental migraine on teens is depression, anxiety, and disappointment. 

Few studies have evaluated how having a family member with migraine affects overall family function; limited research shows that parents with migraine report:Spending less time, being less involved with their kidsArguing more oftenCommunication problemsBuse and colleagues designed a web-based survey that is the first investigation of the impact of parental migraine on adolescents (aged 13-21 years) living with the parent from the young person's perspective. The short slide show above highlights the results. Source: Buse DC, Powers SW, Gelfand AA.  Adolescent perspectives on the burden of a parent’s migraine: results from the CaMEO Study. Headache. 2018 Jan 22. doi: 10.1111/head.13254. Slide images ©fantom_rd/ 

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