Mobile Health Technology for Pain Management


"Telehealth, which includes mobile health (mHealth) technology, is the future of medicine," said Lynn Webster, MD, in a recent discussion with Patient Care Online. Dr Webster is the chief medical officer of PainScript™, a medical technology company that has a unqiue mHealth platform that allows clinicians to interact with their patients with chronic pain on a daily basis via smartphone.

"The PainScript platform is innovative in its focus on physician practice management, providing a patient-monitoring capability to support adherence with treatments (pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic) and provide early detection of adverse/serious adverse events," wrote Dr Webster and colleagues in a recent large observational trial, which Dr Webster presented at PAINWeek 2022.

In the video below, Dr Webster talks about his background in chronic pain, provides a quick primer on the PainScript mHealth platform, and highlights key findings from the analysis that may be of interest to clinicians.

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