Obesity Could Stymie Preventive Cardiology Efforts

VIDEO: Obesity is a chronic, relapsing disease that threatens to neutralize, even reverse, years of progress in reducing CVD-related death. Ted Kyle, RPh, explores.

FOCUS: Preventive Cardiology

Widespread obesity is driven primarily by a combination of genetic makeup and an increasingly obesogenic environment. Obesity policy advocate and past chair of the Obesity Action Coalition Ted Kyle, RPh, discusses the current understanding of obesity as a complex, chronic, relapsing disease that now threatens years of progress in reducing deaths related to cardiovascular disease.


Ted Kyle is a pharmacist and health innovator living in Pittsburgh. He is a well-known and tireless advocate for people living with obesity. His widely-read daily commentary, published at conscienhealth.org/news, reaches an audience of more than 15,000 thought leaders in health and obesity. Ted is on Twitter @ConscienHealth

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