Posttest on Puzzles in Pediatric Vaccination

August 28, 2017

See what you have absorbed this month from our puzzling cases on MMR, Quadracel, Gardasil, and other ped vaccines.

This month’s Special Report offered a series of clinical case quizzes in pediatric vaccination that were meant to challenge your knowledge of standard immunization practices.

• When should you say no the MMR vaccine?

• What is the best way to talk to anxious parents about HPV vaccination for a child?

• What is on and what is off label use of Quadracel (DTaP/IPV) for a child with a fever?

• Can you do the calculations to bring a new pediatric patient up-to-date on vaccinatinos and also explain it all to his mother?

In the Special Report introduction, we presented a short pretest so you could see what you already knew about navigating the unforeseen in clinical practice.

Now we offer the same questions in this post-test so you can gauge how much you have learned. Links to all sections of the Special Report are offered at the end of the posttest. Good luck!



Question 1:

Pneumococcus is the vaccine-preventable disease responsible for the greatest number of deaths annually in the US.


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