Psoriasis of the Penis

The fairly well-defined erythematous plaques covered with silvery scale are typical for psoriasis. In some patients, the disorder may be limited to the genital skin.

 A 27-year-old man noted a gradually increasing, asymptomatic rash on the glans penis. The remainder of the cutaneous exam was normal. The family history was strongly positive for psoriasis.

Key point: The “rash” consists of fairly well-defined erythematous plaques, covered with silvery scale. This is typical for psoriasis. This disorder may rarely be limited solely to genital skin.

Treatment: Low-potency topical corticosteroids and/or vitamin D derivatives (such as calcipotriene ointment) will usually resolve genital psoriasis.

Note: The most important differential diagnostic possibilities include seborrhea and balanitis circinata associated with Reiter disease.

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