Rash Around the Mouth of a 5-year-old Child


The eruption has been present for 1 year and is restricted to the perioral region. What is included in your differential?

A 5-year-old boy with a history of atopic dermatitis since 6 weeks of age, presents with a rash around his mouth that has been present for approximately 1 year. The patient’s mother reports that desonide topical cream was applied to the affected area for about 5 days, which initially resulted in improvement, however the rash returned after this medication was discontinued. The rash also recently improved after the patient took amoxicillin for an infection. She also notes that the patient has been licking his lips more frequently.

On examination there is an erythematous papulopustular eruption restricted to the perioral region, with sparing of the vermillion border. Mild hyperpigmentation is noted on the patient’s neck. There is no active involvement of other areas of the body.

What is the most likely diagnosis?