Sebaceous Hyperplasia in Those With “Oily” Complexions


Are these lesions skin cancers, as this patient believes?

A 56-year-old man is worried about a number of slowly growing facial bumps. There are several under each eye and one on each side of the nose. He is convinced that these are skin cancers.

Key point: This case nicely illustrates the classic morphology for sebaceous hyperplasia, a common benign tumor representing enlarged sebaceous glands. This entity is often seen in those who have a lifelong “oily” complexion: the number and size of lesions gradually increase with age. They do bear a superficial resemblance to basal cell carcinoma, although their yellowish color and lack of ulceration are clinically differentiating features.

Treatment: While no therapy is actually required, light electrodesiccation can be used to remove cosmetically objectionable lesions.

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