Seen in the ED: Hematochezia in a 1-year-old Girl

Intermittent pain causing the child to cry and an episode of bright red rectal bleeding are described by the mother. Review labs and imaging: What's your diagnosis?

Patient history. An almost 1-year-old girl is brought to the emergency department for intermittent pain causing her to cry, followed by an episode of bright red rectal bleeding. She vomited once but her mother denies any fever or other complaints. They recently returned from a trip to Mexico, but no one else is ill. Mother noticed her right nipple has a crack but didn’t see any bleeding coming from it.

Vital signs and physical examination. Vital signs are normal. Physical exam is normal except for the child seeming tired. Mom says it’s probably because she missed her nap yesterday and was awake a good portion of the night due to the pain

Relevant test results

Labs: CBC, coagulation profile, basic metabolic panel all are normal


What is the most likely diagnosis?

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