Top 10 Diets for 2020: US News & World Report Rankings

Of 35 of the most popular diets ranked by health experts, we highlight the top 10. The "Best Diets" issue reached your patients this month. See what they're reading.

This is the 10th year US News & World Report has published its "Best Diets" ranking. The full report includes 35 plans, both well recognized and not-so-familiar. Primary care patients looking to make lifestyle changes, lose weight, or give their food choices a jolt have been scrolling through the offerings and the extensive information on each since publication on January 2, 2020.To give you a glimpse of what patients are reading, Patient Care highlights how the top 10 of 35 diets rank on a scale of 0 to 5 stars, overall and on: Managing/preventing diabetes  *  Ease of following  * Heart-healthy profile  *  Long-term weight loss  *  Nutrtion  *  Safety  *  Short-term weight loss.