Top Six Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Still Deadly to Children

How do US figures on child mortality from vaccine preventable diseases compare with global stats? Update here, plus a brief review of vaccine efficacy.

Across the globe, more than 100 million children per year now are immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases. But 6 of these infections still claim hundreds of thousands of lives, most of them children before the age of 5. Deaths from hepatitis B are usually in adults, but most had contracted the infection in early life when infection is much more likely to result in chronic disease. 

Can you rank these 6 still-deadly diseases from highest to lowest in terms of number of deaths?

 ♦ Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis combined

 ♦ Hepatitis B

 ♦ Influenza

 ♦ Measles

 ♦ Pneumococcus

 ♦ Rotavirus


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