What Women Don't Know about their Health is Dangerous

Grace Halsey

Poll: 91% of women don’t know heart disease is the #1 cause of death in women and 81% aren’t aware that the Pap test screens only for cervical cancer. Counseling and education are needed.

Gaps in women's knowledge about their own health and their concerns about not "being heard" by their primary care clinicians are among the troubling findings of a new poll conducted by primary care collaborative MDVIP and Ipsos.

In addition to having limited knowledge about the health issues that most affect them, significant portions of those surveyed said they don't talk to their primary care clinician about mental health, including feelings of depression and anxiety; 1 in 3 say some of their concerns haven't been taken seriously and that they felt there wasn't time enough to ask all their questions.

The short slide show below is a top-line look at the findings and may be interesting, even surprising, to primary care clinicians.

The Ipsos poll was conducted between March 5 and 9, 2021, on behalf of MDVIP. A sample of 1446 women aged ≥20 years from the continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii were interviewed online in English.