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If you are looking for answers to such clinical questions, we invite you to log on to our Web site

Statin therapy has reduced your 61-year-old patient's LDL cholesterol level, but his HDL is also low. During a recent checkup, he asks whether there's anything else he can do to boost his "good" cholesterol.

If you are looking for answers to such clinical questions, we invite you to log on to our Web Here you will find:

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Introducing a More Efficient Search Engine Dedicated to Primary Care also offers you a link to a brand-new search engine that can help you find answers to your clinical questions. SearchMedica Primary Care is designed specifically to serve the needs of practicing clinicians. This search engine is more selective than Google but more comprehensive than PubMed/Medline; it uses only sources that have been prescreened by primary care experts and the Editorial Board of Consultant. To save you time, SearchMedica allows you to view your search results broken down into "Categories" of information that our physician advisors have identified as being most important to practicing clinicians:

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