Adam M. Rubin, MD



Middle-aged Hiker With Facial Paralysis

January 01, 2007

A 46-year-old man presents with right-sided facial paralysis. His symptoms beganthe previous evening when he had difficulty in closing his right eye; by morning,paralysis had developed. He also reports headache and mild photophobia.

Middle-aged African American Man With Diabetes and Hypertension

December 31, 2006

A 57-year-old African American man comes to your office because he isconcerned about his blood pressure (BP). When it was measured at a healthfair a month earlier, it was 157/96 mm Hg; a week later at a clinic it was162/97 mm Hg. Now his resting BP is 166/101 mm Hg.

Erythematous Rash in Man Receiving Vancomycin Infusion

December 31, 2006

A 67-year-old man with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus presents withleg pain and swelling that began 3 days earlier. Multiple ulcers are noted at thelateral malleolus. His temperature is 38.9°C (102.1°F). Right lower extremitycellulitis is diagnosed, blood samples are taken for culture, and the patient ishospitalized.