Author | Bishoy Faltas, MD


With HIV, Location Matters

December 19, 2014

It turns out that where a patient gets a diagnosis of HIV affects how quickly he or she gets treatment for the infection.

Boosting Compliance With HIV Rx

December 19, 2014

Low-cost interventions can improve compliance with HIV therapy, which is directly linked to viral suppression and reduced transmission to partners.

Cryptococcal Infection: Routine Screening in HIV?

December 17, 2014

Primary care clinicians take note: here’s a case for routine screening and treatment of early cryptococcal infection, given its prevalence and sequelae in patients with HIV/AIDS.

Opportunistic Infections Unmasked After Initiation of cART: What Is the Risk?

November 20, 2014

Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome is seen in some HIV-infected patients soon after initiation of antiretroviral therapy. The syndrome can “unmask” dormant opportunistic infections or aggravate existing infections.

Kidney Transplant for HIV-Infected Patients With ESRD?

November 20, 2014

A newly published study examines whether kidney transplant in eligible patients with HIV confers improved survival over renal replacement therapy. Results, here.

Nevirapine-based HAART Regimens: What Effect on HIV-Associated Lipodystrophy?

November 20, 2014

Long-term highly-active antiretroviral therapy can be associated with disturbing morphologic and metabolic changes. Nevaripine is added to three HAART regimens in this study to evaluate any mitigating effects.

HIV-Infected But Non-Progressing: What Is the Risk for AIDS?

October 20, 2014

For patients who remained AIDS-free and untreated 10 years after seroconversion, loss of this status was associated with lower CD4 cell counts and higher HIV RNA load.

What Cause of Low Bone Mineral Density in HIV-Positive Patients?

October 20, 2014

Results of a recent study found low BMD was strongly associated with body weight, smoking, and prior advanced HIV disease.

Statin Use Affects Cancer Risk in HIV-Infected Patients

October 20, 2014

A retrospective chart review among HIV-infected patients treated with ART found use of statin medications associated with a lower risk of cancer.

Dyslipidemia and Hypertension Control in HIV-Positive Patients

September 18, 2014

HIV-infected patients have a 2-fold increased risk for MI vs HIV-negative patients. While many are treated for common risk factors, many of those do not reach clinical targets.