Brian M. Morrissey, MD


The technique of adult flexible bronchoscopy: Part 1

October 24, 2008

ABSTRACT: Flexible bronchoscopy was clinically introduced byShigeto Ikeda in 1968 and is now used widely for diagnosticand therapeutic interventions. A combination of advancingtechnology and ingenuity has fostered the development of anexpanded array of devices and applications. The newer videobronchoscopes offer higher-resolution images than fiberopticbronchoscopes. The advantages of fiberoptic technology arelower cost and greater technical ease of adapting to smallerdiameterbronchoscopes. Hybrid bronchoscopes have an imaginglens and fiberoptic bundles that transmit the viewingimage to a charge couple device (CCD) chip in the body of theoperator end of the bronchoscope. The digital image is transmittedfrom the CCD chip to the external processor for viewingon a monitor, for digital storage, or for printing. (J Respir Dis.2008;29(11):423-428)

Case In Point: A case of bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy

July 01, 2005

The authors describe a rare cause of diffuse thoracic lymphadenopathy--Cogan syndrome. This case was remarkable for the temporal development of extensive lymphadenopathy independent of other hallmark symptoms and signs of this syndrome. In the appropriate clinical setting, Cogan syndrome should be considered in the differential diagnosis of thoracic lymphadenopathy.