Bruce Houghton, MD

Pleasant grove



COX-2 Inhibitor–Induced Rash

September 14, 2005

A 63-year-old man was given oral celecoxib, 100 mg bid, for shoulder pain. Three days later, a pruritic rash appeared on his back, then spread to the chest, lower legs, and face. He stopped the celecoxib on his own and self-administered diphenhydramine for the pruritus. The rash and itch persisted, which prompted the patient to seek medical care. He had no respiratory symptoms.

Soft Tissue Sarcoma with Gout Tophi

September 14, 2005

An 80-year-old man, who could not walk because of a large mass on his right leg, was brought to the emergency department. The mass had been increasing in size on the anterior region of his right thigh for approximately 6 months. The patient also complained of “lumps” that had developed on his extremities during the past 2 months.