Christopher Cannon, MD


Systemic Inflammation and Use of Diet to Stem Disease

August 03, 2012

The popular media recently took a look at the connection between systemic inflammation and the many human diseases it’s responsible for. A lengthy article in the Wall Street Journal focused on the role of daily diet in the development and modulation of inflammation and noted the clinical use of biomarker C-reactive protein to measure inflammation levels. Harvard cardiologist Christopher Cannon offered tips on eating to beat inflammation and shed pounds at the same time from his new book titled The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Anti-Inflammation Diet. Alarming health news paired with a new book on diet can create a perfect storm of questions from you patients.

More Frequent Chocolate Consumption Linked to Lower BMI

April 27, 2012

Are these findings another green light for dark chocolate? Some experts say “yes” as they also point to a recommended upper daily “dose.” What does this new research add to the current data on the health benefits of the flavinoid-rich sweet? Drs Payal Kohli and Christopher Cannon discuss study results and what you should tell your patients.

Podcast: Did Heart Disease Kill Whitney Houston?

April 18, 2012

The Los Angeles county coroner’s office recently ruled that singer Whitney Houston drowned in her hotel bathtub but that other factors contributed to her demise. Did the 48-year-old have preexisting cardiovascular disease? Did cocaine abuse trigger a deadly cardiac event? Drs Payal Kohli and Christopher Cannon put the autopsy results and the pop star’s final moments in context.