Daniel Skiest, MD


Subacute Onset of Paralysis in a Person With AIDS

February 06, 2009

The pathogen Toxoplasma gondii is an intracellular protozoan that most commonly presents in persons with AIDS as reactivation of latent infection.

Extensive Development of Flat Warts as a Cutaneous Manifestation of Immune Reconstitution Syndrome

October 02, 2008

Cutaneous manifestations of immune recovery in response to highly active antiretroviral therapy may account for up to 54% to 78% of the clinical presentations of the immune reconstitution syndrome (IRS)

Invasive Aspergillosis Presenting as a Neck Mass in a Person With HIV/AIDS

July 02, 2007

A 38-year-old HIV-infected man with a CD4+ cell count of 4/µL and an HIV RNA level of more than 750,000 copies/mL was admitted to the hospital after 1 month of painful right neck swelling and 1 week of dysphagia.