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Early Intervention in a Case of Migraine With Depression

April 01, 2006

The patient presented with left-sided, throbbing headaches that had gradually increased in severity and frequency. These headaches, which occurred once or twice a month, were associated with photophobia, phonophobia, and nausea, and usually lasted 8 to 12 hours. The headaches affected the patient's job performance and attendance, and she complained of fatigue, lack of sleep, and difficulty in concentrating.

Evidence-Based Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: Challenges to Assessing Risk in Office Practice

November 01, 2005

Cardiovascular (CV) risk-reduction regimens require comprehensive assessment, patient education, and follow-up, which can be difficult and time-consuming in a busy primary care practice. Moreover, compliance among patients at high risk can be poor. The use of evidence- based risk assessment checklists and patient education materials can enhance care and improve compliance; in addition, thorough documentation can ensure full reimbursement for services.

Chronic Daily Headache:

July 01, 2005

ABSTRACT: The management of chronic daily headache is difficult and complex. Those affected have a sensitive nervous system, and their predisposition for a low tolerance to sensory stimuli appears to be inherited. Under appropriate conditions, the equilibrium or balance between bombardment from painful stimuli and the regulatory systems that inhibit those stimuli is disrupted, allowing painful stimuli to become manifest at a greater intensity than in the nonmigraineur. Successful management depends on close adherence to nonpharmacologic approaches and pharmacologic regimens that desensitize the system and restore equilibrium. Comorbid conditions must be identified and treated as well.