Author | Jay Kincannon, MD


Young Girl With Hair Loss and Enlarging Scalp Lesion

November 01, 2002

A 7-year-old black girl comes toyour office with a 10-week historyof scaling and scalp redness,and hair loss. About 3 weeks beforethe visit, the child’s motherfirst noticed a boggy, drainingyellow plaque on her daughter’sparietal scalp. A different physicianprescribed ketoconazoleshampoo. At 1-week follow-up,the symptoms had not abated;the clinician then prescribed oralcephalexin as well as a topical mixture of the antifungal agent, clotrimazole, and the high-potency topicalcorticosteroid, betamethasone. After 2 weeks of therapy, the symptoms were no better.