Author | Jeffrey Hertzberg, MD, MS


No Benefit for Nasogastric Tube in Uppper GI Bleeding

May 06, 2014

New study data suggest that routine placement of such a tube is not helpful in patients with upper GI bleeding.

Treat the GERD and Sleep Will Follow

May 06, 2014

Does sleep improve in asymptomatic patients with GERD when their reflux is treated aggressively? Researchers at Digestive Disease Week 2014 offered an answer.

Rabeprazole with Aspirin or NSAIDs Prevents Upper GI Problems

May 05, 2014

Studies confirm that this proton pump inhibitor in patients taking low-dose aspirin or NSAIDs is highly effective in preventing upper GI ulcers or bleeding.

Probiotics Enhance Eradication of H Pylori When Added to Standard Therapy

May 05, 2014

Two studies presented at Digestive Disease Week 2014 found that probiotics, when added to standard triple therapy, enhance cure rate and may reduce treatment side effects and disease symptoms.