Mary L. Sy, MD



The Dermatologic Perils of Swimming: Swimmer’s Itch

August 02, 2004

A 6-year-old girl (A) and an 11-year-old boy (B) each presentedfor evaluation of an erythematous, pruritic, papularrash that developed after swimming in a Wisconsin lake.Each child was otherwise completely healthy.

The Dermatologic Perils of Swimming: Seabather’s Eruption

August 02, 2004

This 10-year-old boy presented forevaluation of a rash that developedduring a spring vacation on Florida’sAtlantic coast. After he had beenswimming in the ocean, a pruritic,erythematous, papular rash developedon his trunk, axillae, and groin. Approximately24 hours after the onsetof the rash, he experienced malaise,chills, and a sore throat. His past medicalhistory was unremarkable. Hehad been fully immunized and hadhad varicella infection.