Nader Kamangar, MD


An unusual case of malignant invasive thymoma

January 14, 2010

Malignant thymoma is an indolent tumor arising from the thymic epithelial cells located in the anterior mediastinum. These tumor cells spread via regional metastasis or invade surrounding structures, including the pleural space.

A patient with hemoptysis, anemia, and renal failure

March 01, 2008

Microscopic polyangiitis is a potentially fatal disease if it is notrecognized and treated early. In the case described here, what initiallypresented as a postinfectious residual cough was actuallyactive pulmonary hemorrhage, severe anemia, and a crescenticglomerulonephritis. Significant improvement was achieved withhemodialysis and aggressive treatment with corticosteroids andcyclophosphamide. This case exemplifies a classic presentationof microscopic polyangiitis and demonstrates the importance ofan expeditious diagnostic evaluation and early treatment to preventrapid deterioration. Early recognition and highly aggressiveimmunosuppressive treatment achieved significant suppressionof the disease.

Case In Point: Silicone-induced pneumonitis in a transgendered patient

November 01, 2005

The authors describe the development of pneumonitis in a patient who had initially presented with edema of the lower extremities. Biopsy results supported the conclusion that the pneumonitis was caused by silicone injections the patient had received 5 years earlier.

Case In Point: A patient with persistent left superior vena cava

June 01, 2005

The authors describe a patient whose persistent left superior vena cava was first suspected because of difficulty in placing a right internal jugular venous catheter.