Peter P. Yonclas, MD


Back Extension Exercises for Patients With Osteoporosis

December 31, 2006

Exercises that help strengthen themuscles that support the spinemay be especially helpful duringthe postmenopausal years. Theback extension series illustratedin Figures 1 through 5 is anexample of progressively moredifficult exercises that can beperformed several times perweek. These exercises can alsobe performed individually inconjunction with resistance andweight-bearing routines.

Osteoporosis: How Much Exercise Is Enough for Bone Health?

June 01, 2006

In addition to the extensive body of literaturethat supports medical therapiesfor osteoporosis and for preventionof postmenopausal fractures, numerousstudies have explored thebenefits of exercise in both premenopausaland postmenopausal women.1The results of these studies indicatethat weight-bearing exercise and resistancetraining may play a role in preventingbone loss and increasing bonemass.