Stanley I. Martin, MD


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Cryptococcal Meningitis: Review of Current Disease Management

December 18, 2007

The incidence of cryptococcal infections in the HIV-infectedpopulation has diminished because of the effectiveness of anti retroviraltherapy, whereas the incidence in non–HIV-infectedhosts has grown. Despite improvements in antifungal therapy,successful outcomes in the management of cryptococcalmeningitis are dependent on a high index of clinical suspicion,appropriate use of diagnostic assays, early and aggressiveantifungal therapy, and recognition of complications such asincreased intracranial pressure and immune reconstitutionsyndromes. Published guidelines for the care of patients withcryptococcal meningitis are available and may be adapted toindividual patient requirements. Basic and clinical studies areneeded to further define the components of immune protection,optimal therapy in special patient populations, and the recognitionand treatment of complications of cryptococcal meningitis.[Infect Med. 2008;25:11-23]