Author | Steven Fox



March 01, 2008

AN UNUSUALLY VIRULENT strainof adenovirus may be the cause ofillness in more than 140 persons,according to the CDC. Indeed, 10deaths have been reported over thepast year. Adenovirus serotype 14(Ad14) causes severe and sometimesfatal respiratory disease in patientsof all ages, even in healthy adults.


January 18, 2008

 NEARLY A THIRD (31%) of personsliving with tuberculosis (TB) are unawareof their HIV status, accordingto a study highlighted in the CDC'sMorbidity and Mortality Weekly Report(Reported HIV status of tuberculosispatients-United States, 1993-2005.MMWR. 2007;56:1103-1106). Thestudy evaluated retrospective healthdata from 49 states and the Districtof Columbia and found that eventhough reporting status of personswith TB increased from 35% in 1993to 68% in 2003, it has remainedrelatively unchanged since then.