Sunita Puri, MD

Family Planning of Lorain County

Sheffield Lake



Erysipelas in a 60-Year-Old Man

September 14, 2005

A 60-year-old man presented with redness, swelling, and pain on his right lower leg of 3 day's duration. He recalled being scratched by underbrush while hiking in the woods a few days earlier; the patient denied other recent trauma or insect bites.


September 14, 2005

During the last 3 months, scars had developed on the sternal area of a 25-year-old black woman. She recalls having punctured an acne pustule at the site just before the scar began to develop.

Urticaria Pigmentosa

September 14, 2005

The parents of a 6-year-old boy with a generalized rash sought medical care for the child. The outbreak began 2 years earlier on the boy's abdomen and spread over the entire body; oral antihistamines had been prescribed for the itching. The patient had no history of allergy, insect bite, fever, or GI symptoms. His vital signs were normal.

Dermatitis Caused by Shoes

September 14, 2005

A pruritic rash developed on the feet of a 40-year-old woman 2 days after she had worn a new pair of shoes for a few hours. The erythematous, papular, scaly eruption was more prominent on the right foot.

Fused Eyelids From Splashed Superglue

September 14, 2005

The upper and lower eyelids of a 6-year-old girl were stuck together after she accidentally splashed superglue in her left eye. The patient did not complain of pain; the eyeball was able to move freely under the lids.

Congenital Melanocytic Nevus

September 14, 2005

The mother of this 5-month-old boy was concerned about the large birthmark in the infant's diaper area. This lesion is a bathing trunk congenital melanocytic nevus, writes Dr Sunita Puri of Decatur, Ala.

Chronic Tophaceous Gout in a 65-Year-Old Man

September 14, 2005

A 65-year-old man had a 10-year history of deformity of the hands, pain, and nodules on the fingers. His serum uric acid level was 9 mg/dL. The suspected diagnosis of chronic tophaceous gout was confirmed by the finding of birefringent monosodium urate needle-shaped crystals in the joint fluid and the patient's significant response to colchicine within 12 to 24 hours of the start of therapy.

Primary Irritant Cosmetic Dermatitis

September 14, 2005

A rash on both palms concerned a 35-year-old hairdresser, who said she always wears vinyl gloves while working. She recalled using a new hair coloring product on a client a few days earlier. Within 24 hours of applying the substance, the rash began to erupt; it worsened over the course of 2 days.