Author | Susan Kweskin


Primary Care Compensation: Incomes are Up, Job Satisfaction Not So Much

February 07, 2018

What does primary care compensation look like these days? Would you choose primary care all over again? Here: key highlights that shed light from a Medscape Physician Compensation Report.

Better Hospital Outcomes with Younger Treating Physicians?

January 13, 2018

Can a physician's age affect treatment outcome? It did in this study of hospitalized elderly patients.

11 New Medications for Primary Care

November 28, 2017

Here: a quick look at newly approved agents for primary care that will soon be coming your way.

8 Things About Death (Besides the Obvious)

November 19, 2017

Here's a look at some of the ways people have been dying lately -- from the common to the unusual.

Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis Rates Up

October 03, 2017

The CDC's annual report on STD rates in the United States is in, and the news about chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis is not good.

The Latest on Low Back Pain

October 02, 2017

Here’s an update on the ACP’s latest guideline on noninvasive treatment options for acute, subacute, and chronic low back pain.

9 Brand New Drugs for Primary Care

September 27, 2017

COPD… nasal polyps.. gout …. dyskinesia in Parkinson Disease: here’s a brief look at new drugs for these and other disorders coming your way.

Medicine in the Headlines: When Your Patients Ask

September 20, 2017

HRT, tattoos, insurers exacerbating the opioid epidemic, prolonged sitting, plus a new COPD drug: here's a recap of 5 of the week's key news reports.

What's New In Migraine Therapy: An Update for Primary Care

September 05, 2017

What Rx for adolescent migraineurs? Ideal care for menstrual migraine? Perfect patient for new CGRP inhibitors? Answers in this PCP Special Report.

10 New Drugs for Primary Care: Q2 2017

June 22, 2017

Slide Show: FDA drug approvals in the second quarter 2017 included these 10 for conditions seen in the primary care setting.