Author | Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA


So, Obesity Is a Risk for Poor COVID-19 Outcomes – Now What?

July 31, 2020

If we understand how the disease of obesity compounds COVID-19 severity, how do we put that knowledge to work?

New Insights into the Physiology of Obesity - What They Mean for Primary Care

June 30, 2020

The physiology of obesity makes weight loss, by itself, unlikely to successfully treat the chronic disease of obesity. What does this mean for primary care clinical strategies?

How Primary Care for Obesity is Changing

May 26, 2020

Changes in primary care for obesity have moved rapidly in some ways but less so in others. Obesity medicine advocate Ted Kyle details the overall steady progress.

Why is Obesity Medicine the Fastest Growing Medical Specialty in the US?

April 22, 2020

Obesity Medicine is a young specialty but is expanding quickly in response to the global epidemic of obesity and the many chronic diseases it causes.